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Rules for .ir


Extension: .ir
Country: Iran
Region: Asia
[Local Presence]  
Local Presence required: No
Registration term: 1 or 5 years
IDN: Yes, only Persian
Domain length: 4- 63 characters (2- 63 characters for
Registration processing time: few days
Company registration or VAT number: Yes, company certificate required for and sometimes, on a case by case basis, it is requested also for .ir
Registrant indivdual or legal:
Yes for .ir and no for (restricted to legal entities)
Admin contact must be an individual: No
Prior rights required: No
Application form: .ir: no during application process, but the registy can request afterwards a declaration that registrant does not violate third parties prior rights together with an ID (individuals) or a company certificate (for legal entities); yes, the applicant needs to provide a copy of Company certificate always during application process.
Renewal term: 1 year
Late renewal: 30 days
Restoration: from D31 to D60
Early deletion: No
Procedure: Get login information for your handles from your current domain registrar or provide some documents from your clients in order to retrieve login information from directly.
Expiration date changes: No
Unlock domain No
[Owner Change]  
Procedure: Signed doc certifying the reason of transfer, We provide you authorization letter template.
Documents required:  
Registration date change:  
[Other general considerations] For registered commercial companies. The applicant must provide a copy of Company certificate.
Terms and conditions
Dispute resolution
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